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Feed Your Family Well

Easily. Deliciously. Sustainably.

How To Stir It Up

1. Have your recipe box delivered to your doorstep every week (pause your box any time)

2. Follow our quick, delicious recipes

(no fuss, no waste, no problem)

3. Enjoy a delicious dinner with the whole family (well sometimes it’s nice!)

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Get your evenings back. Our dinners are quick, easy and often one pot wonders = less mess and washing up.     

Our delicious dinners are packed with fresh veg (at least 2, often 4 portions) BUT family friendly, developed to satisfy, ahem, the most selective of children = no more cooking twice.

Waste less food. You cook what you get and eat what you cook. Possibly with lunch leftovers.

Why Stir It Up?


Words from those who thoroughly enjoy Stirring It Up...

"It’s been great for our headspace, just having easy family meals ready for midweek.. Great to see our boys having second helpings of healthy vegetarian recipes."



"The instructions were super simple for some like me who is ‘can’t cook, won’t cook!’ Really easy step by step, what to do"


"I was really pleased with how little food waste there was come the end of end of the week... we had the option to add meat, but felt we didn’t need to with so many vegetables."


“I really enjoyed the Shepherdess Pie with cheesy mash!”


Harrison (aged 8)