About Stir It Up


We feel your pain when it comes to family mealtimes ...

Our Mission

We know how difficult it is to make sure your family is eating enough of their 5 a day, especially when you don’t have time to shop let alone chop.


Add this to the fact most children are pickier than a giant panda and you’ve got an energy-sapping challenge on your hands.

So, what are we thinking?

  1. ​We have launched a new 3-recipe Stir It Up Recipe Bag, bursting with fresh produce, delivered to your door, with three BIG differences

  2. We’ll be making our recipes family-friendly, so you can all sit down and eat together (well sometimes it’s nice!)

  3. We’ll be sourcing our fresh organic produce locally where we can, so that it’s not only seasonal, but we’re also boosting local projects and charities, as well as reinvesting in the local economy.

  4. Because you can add your own store cupboard ingredients like salt, cheese and milk, we promise there will be minimal packaging.


JACQUIE is a working mum who has been teaching children and their families how to cook healthy food for 5 years: in schools, children’s centres and all kinds of settings.  

Her ambition is always getting kids to love kale.


She’s launched local healthy eating campaigns and runs a busy Instagram account and Facebook page, aiming to inspire busy parents with quick, healthy and cheap dinner ideas.