Christmas Gifts for Food Lovers and cooks (that won't cost the earth)

I know it's November but I've just read that in a single day during the pandemic, Jeff Bezos added £10 billion to his fortune. In a single year, his company emitted 44.4 million metric tons of carbon, more than two-thirds of the annual emissions of all countries in the world.

So get in early- pop to your local shops or order from a nice retailer- here's what might be on

my Christmas list...

Best for Design

I'm a sucker for a well-designed piece of kitchen equipment, but it can't be style over substance. I cried when my beloved parrot-shaped Alessi bottle opener broke after 12 years of service. These beautiful pieces are a joy to look at, work well and are pretty durable.

1. Alessi Spaghetti Measure £22 Cooks Unlimited (Richmond)

2. Haiku Knife £120 KItchen Provisions also try the Japanese Knife Shop (Chiswick)

3. Mauviel cookware (from quite expensive to eye-wateringly so- but makes cooking so pleasurable).

Borough Kitchen (Chiswick)

4. Nanospresso Portable Coffee Maker £80 Borough Kitchen This is an incredibly good piece of kit. Makes perfect coffee without gas or electricity. Great for hotel rooms, holidays and hiking (not that I get involved in the latter)

Best For Home Cooks

1. Ok, so the rug's a bit random, but to my mind they are a lovely gift (I have gifted lots). Great for picnics, traveling or snoozing on the sofa. And they're recycled. £18 Kew Gardens

2. Japanese-style cross-backed apron £30 by little local to Ealing store Fluffy Omelette

3. Greenpan Venice Ceramic non-stick frying pan. Natural materials, nice company. £65 John Lewis

4. A Stick Blender- this is a posh Nutribullet one, but my £10 Braun one is still going strong after 25 years and many hearty soups. Try the Russell Hobs one, £15.49 at Argos

Best for Kids

I'm a massive fan of kids in the kitchen. I mean not ALL of the time, but your recent stories of kids cooking dinner have made me so happy and it's SO good for them. Literally brings their school curriculum to life. And helps with boosting their knowledge of nutrition (once you've talked them out of making some green fudge they've seen on Tik Tok).

1. Salter Popcorn maker on sale now for £19.99 at Robert Dyas Popcorn is actually quite a healthy snack- full of fibre.

2. Donna Hay kids' cookbook- £19.99 Waterstones (my 11yo's bible)

3. Personalised Aprons £19 Not On The High Street

4. Tefal waffle (and toastie!!) maker- the kids will LOVE you. Remember, you can squeeze all manner of good stuff into a waffle batter.. (carrots, squash, sweet potato) £22.99 Argos


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