Christmas Gifts for Food Lovers and cooks (that won't cost the earth)

I know it's November but I've just read that in a single day during the pandemic, Jeff Bezos added £10 billion to his fortune. In a single year, his company emitted 44.4 million metric tons of carbon, more than two-thirds of the annual emissions of all countries in the world.

So get in early- pop to your local shops or order from a nice retailer- here's what might be on

my Christmas list...

Best for Design

I'm a sucker for a well-designed piece of kitchen equipment, but it can't be style over substance. I cried when my beloved parrot-shaped Alessi bottle opener broke after 12 years of service. These beautiful pieces are a joy to look at, work well and are pretty durable.

1. Alessi Spaghetti Measure £22 Cooks Unlimited (Richmond)

2. Haiku Knife £120 KItchen Provisions also try the Japanese Knife Shop (Chiswick)

3. Mauviel cookware (from quite expensive to eye-wateringly so- but makes cooking so pleasurable).

Borough Kitchen (Chiswick)

4. Nanospresso Portable Coffee Maker £80 Borough Kitchen This is an incredibly good piece of kit. Makes perfect coffee without gas or electricity. Great for hotel rooms, holidays and hiking (not that I get involved in the latter)

Best For Home Cooks

1. Ok, so the rug's a bit random, but to my mind they are a lovely gift (I have gifted lots). Great for picnics, traveling or snoozing on the sofa. And they're recycled. £18 Kew Gardens

2. Japanese-style cross-backed apron £30 by little local to Ealing store Fluffy Omelette

3. Greenpan Venice Ceramic non-stick frying pan. Natural materials, nice company. £65 John Lewis

4. A Stick Blender- this is a posh Nutribullet one, but my £10 Braun one is still going strong after 25 years and many hearty soups. Try the Russell Hobs one, £15.49 at Argos

Best for Kids