Eat Swede Rave Repeat

The lowly swede is one of the hardiest root veg to harvest (which is why it's so cheap) and is so much more than a side dish for a Sunday Roast. And ifYotam Ottolenghi's all over it, who are we to argue?

Why is it important in our diet?

Immunity: Full of Vitamins and minerals (100g gives you 41% of daily vitamin C dose- so perfect for winter).

Gut Health: Full of fibre

Weight Loss & Diabetes: The Keto dieters favourite root, less starch than potatoes, take longer to digest while boosting metabolism.

Cardiovascular Health & Blood Pressure: Full of potassium which helps to regulate stress and mitigate the effects of sodium.

Prevents Premature Ageing: vitamin C also boosts collagen production, improves eyesight and stimulates the regeneration of cells in your cells and tissues.

A few of my favourite swede recipes...

Anna Jones Mushroom & Swede Rosti

Ottolenghi's Stuffed Peppers with Fondant swede

Riverford's Swede & Potato Boulangere

Meera Sodha's Swede and Mushroom Tacos

Aaaand... the Ultimate Swede Laksa in your bags next week!

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