FIVE 15 Minute Soups

It's the season of soups, isn't it?

Soup has, apparently, been around since 20,000 BC (how do they know this?) and the love of it spans all continents- I mean if you have a stock cube (or even just water) and a bit of veg, you've got a soup.

Make a Saturday morning soup- have a little for lunch and again on Monday for tea. Give it to the kids when they're starving after school instead of a snack. Even the deal out with an offer of cheese on toast. They may not even need tea. But do keep some for a WFH lunch and you're never more than minutes away from a meal.

5 FIFTEEN MINUTE SOUPS (with a stock cube or two)

1. broccoli florets, sweetcorn and instant ramen (chili oil good)

2. Cream and add fresh tortellini

3. Fried chorizo, beans and greens (and olive oil)

4. Sliced leek, courgettes- whizz and top with a fat slice of brie

5. 2 x star anise, shredded, leftover chicken, sliced mushrooms, greens and noodles

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