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Produce Partners

You are what you eat...

Here at STIR IT UP, we take looking after the planet and safeguarding soil health for future generations very seriously.

We’ll be sourcing our fresh produce from Langridge Organics – a company dedicated to buying directly from organic farmers who act as stewards of our land.

We are a community interest company, which means we put people over profit. We aim to make access to local, organic produce cheaper and easier than it is currently. We have sourced some great organic suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables, some of which comes from as close as a 3 mile radius of where we live but all grown by farmers in the UK where possible.

Organic farming means there is greater protection of the land for future generations, your food is free from most pesticides and usually means there is no enforced, low paid labour in the supply chain (something that the big supermarkets struggle with). We’re also aiming for as little waste as possible, so we won’t be using unnecessary packaging.