3 Meal Recipe Box

3 Meal Recipe Box

Price Options
3 Meal Recipe Box
just £2.75 per portion
£33.00weekly/ auto-renew

What you get..

A box bursting with

  • fresh, organic vegetables

  • dry ingredients 

  • easy recipes

to make 3 delicious dinners for a family of 4-5 delivered to your door every week, AUTOMATICALLY.

Our dishes put vegetables centre stage- but you can add any meat, fish or protein you like.


  • How it works..​

    • PAY for your box once when you subscribe then on the same day every week.​
    • ​​PAUSE your delivery by Thursday midnight to cancel the following week's delivery
    • ADD locally grown veg to your box in the Summer!
  • What your subscription means..​

    • GETTING YOUR EVENINGS BACK - Our dishes are fast and fabulous and mean minimal washing up.
    • GETTING MORE GREEN (and red, yellow, orange and purple) stuff into your family.

    • WASTING LESS FOOD = saving money (and the planet)